Songkran Water Festival 2017

Songkran stands to be the most popular festival of Thailand that marks the beginning of the new solar year and the commencement of the summer season as well. This festival will legally start April 13, (although some cities start off celebrating this festival a few days before) and the celebration remains for three to five days, based upon the location.

Traditionally, friends and family celebrates Songkran by splashing drinking water on the other person in the form of a wish stuffed with blessings and by visiting temples. Make sure that you reserve in advance before you hit the road since the trains and busses along with the hotels are filled with both international and Thai Tourists during the Songkran period.

Where to Celebrate?

The residents can be seen splashing water on one another for just one day on the pavements of some Thai cities hence you will have to check before you travel. Other towns continue with the festival merriments by extending them into one week of services, concerts, water fights and other revelries.

When you are not a Songkran trouper, below are a few things that you may want to consider before get onto the streets.

Play By the Rules:

Be sure to fight with clean normal water which can be either tap drinking water or those popular large jugs of water. And ensure that water is not hot. Although water of room temperature should be fine, but depending how hot it is outdoors, pouring ice-cold water on the people really should not be a problem as long as you are not hitting them ice cubes. Considerably more so, you can combat with water pistols, normal water buckets, cups and with garden hoses as an example. Large pressure hoses and firearms are, on the other hand are prohibited for safety reasons failing to adhere to which those may be confiscated and you may well be charged with great fine for using them.

Furthermore, majority of men and women play a reasonable game on the roads, but be sure to be careful enough not to shoot the passersby in the eye due to the truth that this is considered to be irritating and dangerous. Ladies have to exercise special care as some alcohol-fueled revelers may get too touchy, hence they will need to be on guard for the perverts when participating in.

Avoid Wet Powder:

A good way to get into the real essence of Songkran is to leave someone apply wet dust to your face. The applying of powder is done to for advancing a ‘blessing’ to you personally which stays with you even after your clothes have been dried up. Even so, be wary because some of the people might not exactly have very clean hands and the powder may clog the pores of your skin and it may leave you looking like an acne-plagued teen after a few days and nights the water was previous poured on you. Consequently, to avoid this, in case you have a dry bag, be sure to bring a bottle of clean water along separately to wash off the natural powder with it. And in case you want to completely prevent the wet powder snow, go to Khao San Road as its use is prohibited there.

Dress Appropriately:

Getting soaked is inevitable in case you are out within the battlefields of Songkran subsequently it’s far important that you get dressed up accordingly. Make certain, you don’t dress up in whites until you very well recognized what’s there below the garments. Placing on a suit underneath could be a amazing concept in case you need to maintain the respect as soon as an elephant stress-hoses you. Furthermore, don’t place on thick fabrics like denims as they will get genuinely uncomfortable and heavy. Try to get dressed up as if you are going to a beach. Board shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops may fit out to be simply great for the event. Additionally, consider to position on swimming goggles due to the fact at instances the water won’t be that clean and may motive infections and irritations.

Bring A Waterproof Bag Along:

If you are planning to get into the action, put all your valuables and electronics in a water-proof bag. A plastic water-proof pouch or a Ziploc will be just high-quality. Make sure you cover your bag internal your blouse or get it buttoned in case it is viable.

Carry A Waterproof Camera:

there is constantly room for taking pictures loopy moments of the occasion and a tremendous and cheaper manner to do that is to get a water-resistant digital camera to help you seize those enthusiast moments in fashion even as you yourself are taking part in the merriments and the chaos this is within the air.

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